I am Devi - as a photographer, I simply love to shoot weddings, couples, mothers and general portraits in an artistic, raw, real and unconventional style. Having the honor to be part of  intimate moments, to capture these brief subtle glimpses of life, is what I simply love doing. I am there to guide you through and make you feel comfortable the way you are.

I got my roots in Australia due to my wonderful husband - in Austria, where I was born and raised - and in India. My family and I are nomads, so I am available to shoot projects locally and internationally.

I am also a social worker, yoga lover and vegetarian chef, constantly redefining myself and eager to keep learning. Some of my other photographic projects encompass therefore - food photography, travel photography and photo campaigns / branding for conscious businesses and individuals. I am generally open to shoot all different kind of  projects, please just get in touch with me!